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Landscape & Lawn 


Maintain to Sustain 

Maintenance is key to the health of any lawn or landscape. MDM Landscaping offers all the essential services necessary to keep your property's lawn and landscape rejuvenated and bursting with color and character.

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Landscape & Lawn Maintenance


The essence to a healthy and well kept lawn is weekly mowing. MDM Landscaping offers the weekly service of lawn mowing, trimming, and removal of light lawn debris to keep your lawn looking its best. 


While mulch has many benefits, it is also a wonderful way to showcase the beauty of your flower bed and add to the aesthetic of your property. At MDM Landscaping we pride ourselves on using triple shred mulch in various colors. Triple shred mulch has superior color retention and texture as opposed to traditional double shred mulch. 


A cleanup and shrub trimming is a perfect way to give your flowerbeds a fresh look of vitality and vigor. We recommend this service twice a year; once in the spring and again in the fall.

Ready to get started on setting up a maintenance plan for your property?

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